The season is finally over, it's time for a small break for all FSR participants. Ahead lies an exciting  year 2010 and Precision will undoubtedly put all efforts towards the preparations. However, in the  meantime we felt there would be a demand for something awesome. The team has worked consistently throughout the year, fine-tuning car setups for each and every track on the calendar. Now when  the season is over, we asked ourselves the question, why throw all this work away?

And therein lies the answer for the motivations behind this setup pack. FSR teams have traditionall been rather reluctant on releasing anything from previous years, but this release will mark an exception: the first large-scale release of a setup pack in the league's near history. We also feel the work of  such famous names as Greco, Mikkonen, and Marques deserve more credits - for all we can say they  have put thousands of laps of effort in developing the final setups.

That's about it. Nothing more to do for you than extract the files, open your rFactor and be ready to do  wonders on track. And if you still feel something is missing from the lap time, don't forget to check out  the attached reference replay laps.


Download the package here